Euro Pumps NSW Road Trip May 2021

In early May 2021 we set off on another road trip down to NSW driving through Sydney, stopping at Young, Junee with our last stop in Goulburn.  After COVID we have planned to do a trip a month throughout this year, visiting to do on-site demos and follow up with customers and maintenance to their systems. 

SRT Mobile Cleaning Unit - Foaming - Display

For the last three years Euro Pumps have been growing our involvement with customers cleaning teams advising and helping with improvements.  What we have learnt is how much I enjoyed the interaction, seeing how other plants clean and working together to improve their outcomes, I really enjoy it so much I want to continue helping others improve and fix issues. 

As a cleaner of more than 25 years, the experience I have gained in managing teams, seeing that everyone’s needs are taken care off and solutions to problems vary and with a plan progress can be achieved.  Cleaning can always be improved, and costs can be lowered.  The beauty of working together as we can plan, react, and improve to get the best possible result.

If you would like a site visit and a demonstration of our SRT mobile cleaning & foaming unit, please feel free to give me a call on 0409 123 850 or email me and I would be happy to arrange a time with you.

Joanne Field, Euro Pumps, Product Development Manager

Joanne Field B.A.,
Euro Pumps Pty Ltd

Product Development Manager
Mob. 0409 123 850

NSW Road Trip May 2021