I grew up in an Italian family with my grandparents so it was a little different for me growing up as they were more senior and strict.

There was no excuse for laziness or being half arsed.  Cleaning started when I was growing up, my family was weird and the OCD cleaning gene was inherited.  We didn’t cook one batch of sugo pasta sauce we cooked enough to last 6 months.  Same with roasted capsicum or buying meat we had 3 fridges and a wine cellar. 

While studying at uni, cleaning became first job, the hours were flexible and I enjoyed it. When I finished uni I started working with Anthony at Fred Paul Smallgoods, Murrarie and Consolidated Meat Group. 

This factory eventually closed down and we moved on to Comgroup in 1997. We learnt so much in this contract spanning from 1997 to 2014. 

Everything we’ve in terms of learning to be fast started at Comgroup, when they went to two shifts, giving us 4hrs to clean a plant with crumbing lines, ovens, fryers, spiral freezers and so much more.

This is also where I learnt how to clean well and how to manage people to get results.  Our education went on; I started post graduate teaching as I had the twins and was diversifying my knowledge.  Anthony completed his bachelor of Arts majoring in political science and economics and he completed his electrical engineering degree. It was 10 full on years.  As Anthony said we have to educate ourselves as no one will believe a cleaner. 

So today my ambition is in my lifetime to make a big difference in the hygiene sector of the food industry and to turn it on its head. It’s such an important part of the industry and it needs to be as efficient and as smart as possible. 

Plus I love it. I want it to be as best as possible and as headache free as possible.  With all of the audits and pre-ops I have done I know and understand where we need to be.