Listeria Problems

Cleaning floor drains is a traditionally unpleasant and complex task that tends to be neglected by cleaning staff.

Drains that remain uncleaned or that are poorly cleaned can become more unpleasant over time, making it almost certain that they will be ignored. As a result of this cycle of neglect, Listeria is frequently found in floor drains. Listeria present in drains may migrate from drains onto machinery and surfaces where food is processed and handled, thus contaminating the food itself.

Therefore,it needs to be eliminated from wet areas such as drains and refrigeration as it is capable of growth even at 5°C, andif present will repeatedly recontaminate connected rooms and equipment.

it is important to know that Listeria is a bacterium that can grow at refrigeration temperatures, Air Conditioners, Chillers, Freezers, Cool Rooms and Ice Machines all present an ongoing and hidden danger for recontamination, as the condensation drainage piping is an ideal source for harbouring ongoing bacterial growth and will remain contaminated unless treated.

USDA Listeria studies

USDA studies have shown that Listeria monocytogenes may be present in cooling units, air handling equipment, standing/dripping water, or condensation. The moist environment is conducive to Listeria growth.

Got Listeria Problems

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