Bread Tray Cleaning

Euro Pumps has a unique off-site cleaning facility for Bread Tray Cleaning, Bakery Rack Cleaning, Honey Filter Cleaning, and Tub & Crate Cleaning located on Brisbane’s southside. Euro Pumps remove your cleaning problems entirely and manage the whole process off-site returning your items ready for use.

Bakery Rack Cleaning

Euro Pumps food industry cleaning specialists have developed advanced techniques for cleaning baked on tar & carbon from bakery trolleys.

These trolleys are used daily by major food retailers in their in-store bakeries & production facilities and are subject to heavy use and staining of tar/carbon. The tar/carbon is produced by the heating of food oils and sugars used in the baking process at high temperatures, leaving a particularly difficult and time consuming sticky tar on the equipment that would normally require an overnight caustic bath or sending the equipment off site for extensive chemical processes. The risk with carbon is that it can flake off from the under edges of the trolley & deposit onto the food area. A perfect clean is imperative to eliminate this risk.

The test results of implementing our equipment & cleaning methods achieved export quality standards by removing the carbon from the trolley surface. We were also able to clean the test sample of almost 20 trolleys in under an hour, using a fraction of the water and chemicals. The water temperature used was 140degree which is a safe working temperature opposed to 180 degree.

Take a look at our video which is filmed in real time to show speed & results. If you have a fryer, oven, rack, trolley or tray, that should be cleaner or you would like to see a faster way to achieve results using less consumables,