Hygiene Insourcing?

How does this work?

Hygiene Insourcing puts a Euro Pumps consultant in control your cleaning cycle with the customer involved every step of the way. We do all the planning based around your KPI’s, your staff, your product cycles, and your needs.

The important point to understand is, we implement, manage, and train the cleaners as a consultant not a contractor, reducing your costs but keeping the experience.

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The Advantages of a contract,
Without a contract

What we offer

Typically upgrading to Hygiene Insourcing takes a period of 2-3 months to fully implement all the improvements.

Based on work we have done before, it is normally one full month to reach the 85% mark, with some random one-on-one training and process improvements over the next month or two. With this model we can really “Upgrade” your cleaning, for long term. Building your cleaning team, letting you move into the future with reduced costs and more control.

As for equipment upgrades, this could be done over a 3 year period. Normally cleaning contractors typically build the cost of the equipment and installation into the contract, so customers do not pay CAPEX and this will allow the same flexibility.

One of the major benefits of working with Euro Pumps is the engineering side of our business. As a cleaning company our ability to custom design, manufacture, install and maintain the cleaning and CIP equipment is unique.


Advantages of bringing contracting in house

The benefits for you are.

    • A reduction in costs compared to the standard cleaning model
    • Cleaning is part of the business, under your control
    • It works particularly well rural areas, as there are less “Fly in” staff

Bring your cleaning inhouse is without a doubt, the best thing you can do to improve your hygiene. As a bonus the Insourcing model ensures that the cleaning is done at our quality standard, with maximum time efficiency exactly the way we would run it.

Issues to consider

  • Contractors/subcontractors cost your business more than the equivalent daily rate for employing someone.
    By relying on contractors and/or subcontractors, your business does not retain or develop cleaning skills in-house.
  • There are almost always communication barriers between permanent staff and contractors.
  • If you use a contractor that uses subcontractors that are underpaid or injured at work, you may have potential liability issues in the future.
  • Contractors and/or subcontractors may lack the motivation and commitment of permanent staff.
  • Your workers mean there are less “Fly in” staff, this is important to building community relationships and support in rural areas.

If you need any information on this let me know.

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