On Demand Cleaning

On-Demand Cleaning

Euro Pumps provides a wide range of One-off & On-Demand Cleaning Services. Call us and ask how we can help you with , AQIS Audits, Drains Cleans, Chimney, Flue and Shute Cleaning, Freezers & Chiller Cleans and Loading Dock Cleans.

Chiller & Cold room Cleaning
Drain & Chute Cleaning

Euro Pumps has devloped, refined and improved our own unique Industrial Duty Drain & Pipe Cleaners. These heavy duty drain cleaners are ideal for emergency cleaning and preventive drain maintenance programs, where regular scheduled drain cleaning is performed to keep drainage systems operating efficiently without the risks and dangers associated with chemical drain cleaners.

It will also prevent blockages occurring during cleaning or production eliminating emergency plumbing costs.