Hygiene Outsourcing

Small stock abattoir cleaning & hygiene

Export quality food cleaning

If you currently have hygiene issues or you are looking to get a contract renewal quote, Euro Pumps can help. We assess every site by its own individual needs, location, cleaning time allowance, product throughput, plant layout, current staffing and water consumption. We have years of hands-on cleaning experience with abattoir, small stock, small goods, RTE meals, bakery, cold room, food plant and food-preparation environments. Our 20+ years of experience has equipped us to deal with even the toughest jobs.

When we do our first site survey, we are using all our past cleaning experience. We are extremely focused on a time, water and equipment efficiencies.

Euro Pumps come prepared with cleaning and sanitation procedures purpose designed for the food industry, with documented food manufacturing and amenities SOP (standard operating procedures and training templates)



Focusing on Improving Swabs & Micros

Every food processor understands that cleaning quality is a major cornerstone of the business. Hygiene failures can destroy a business.

Euro Pumps training focuses on the fundamentals of sanitation, food microbiology and the role of employees in maintaining food safety of food products.

Improving Swabs & Micros

Quote on supply of equipment

Every situation is different, Euro Pumps are the leading food processing cleaning equipment designer and manufacturer in Australia. 

This ability to design a custom cleaning solution for your needs and production scale will provide you a proper outcome. We supply a wide range of solutions R+M Suttner, Polyhose, UDOR and Euro Pumps products plus other custom solutions.