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Good Morning Everyone, Because I am passionate about cleaning and what I do.  I’d like to talk about what I’ve learned over the last few years we can offer customers some greatly improved outcomes for their facilities.

A little history

To explain; After meeting Anthony when we were younger, I started cleaning as soon as I finished university. We worked together at Fred Paul Smallgoods & Consolidated Meat Group, I enjoyed it. Cleaning has always been an enjoyment for me, not a chore.

After 20 years of hands-on cleaning, 5 years ago I ceased and moved to the Engineering side of the business. Euro Pumps Engineering manufacture food-focused CIP and cleaning equipment. This was a wonderful opportunity for me, up until this point I had not seen how the rest of the industry cleaned. Immediately I met many new customers & traveled all over the place, learning how different machines and cleaning crews worked, and the needs and differences from plant to plant.

Industry cleaning Standards

As I was visiting plants all over Australia, NZ and the USA, I noticed that cleaning had not improved. Skills and benchmarks were less focused than the rest of the food industry. This got me thinking about cleaning training and how important the right tool for the job was. I had so many years’ experience within cleaning, understanding production vs maintenance vs cleaning and issues that plants go through, I felt that I could improve it. So 14 months ago I started a smaller cleaning contract with the idea of testing to see if I could run it as an off-site manager, while still producing the best results.

From this contract many things were learnt:

  • Use trolleys, the machines became mobile which saved set up cost & trolleys eliminate pipework.

  • Staff training was intense, for the first few weeks I was on site every day during the training period & to ensure everything was under control with hygiene & swabs.

  • Electrical issues had to be overcome, loose plugs burning out etc. We learnt about different style covers for electrical motors & PLC’s.

  • Assign Responsibility, after a few weeks I started to wean myself from the staff to see if my processes implemented with equipment used would work without me being there everyday.

  • Make the rules clear, I let them know my expectations & slowly, slowly it worked. There were some teething issues, this is normal on any site as you need to learn the plant. But relatively speaking it has worked.

Trialled & tested

Everything I do is trialled & tested to make sure it will work, even if I think it will work, a trial will be done to prove if I am correct.  After 14 months of testing I am happy with the results & have made the decision to move forward with this model.  It is a good fit for my natural abilities & I have a good team behind me.  To allow us to service all of Australia, I have partnered with two cleaning companies that are ready to go, and will be trained in the Euro Pumps hygiene model. 

Real customer service

To me the most important thing is: customer service.  Our customers also have customers & the whole chain needs to be taken care of to make sure everything is working properly.  This is my top priority,  I have flown to Melbourne with a pump in my bag or got in the car at 11pm at night to deliver a hose or part to make sure that customers are taken care of.
Our system will work with your needs flexibility:

  1. Cleaning contract of a plant
  2. Euro Pumps site manager with the customers own staff
  3. Consultancy to fix problems when required

If you would like to discuss any part of your cleaning requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me.  We can tailor a solution for you which offers higher quality service, good results & reduced costs.

If you have any questions please give me a call
on 0409 123 850.

Contract Cleaning Service

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