The History of Euro Pumps

Euro Pumps have been in the food industry for more than 20 years, we started as a cleaning contractor in food facilities. When we started cleaning it was clear that the old ways of mops, and buckets cleaning was not keeping pace with the speed, quality and productivity improvements that were taking place in other areas of the food industry. It seemed like there was a real opportunity to do cleaning better, this encouraged Euro Pumps Managing director Anthony Field to return to university and receive his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical).

Improvement is our focus

By 2000, we had developed the expertise, equipment, and methods to reduce cleaning time from an 8-hour cleaning cycle to 4 hours, allowing longer production runs. It also reduced water, power, and chemical consumption by replacing the existing CIP & wash down with the VSD pumps with custom programing that allowed adjustable pressure, and flow for each individual wash task. By hands on cleaning, it has enabled us to better understand designing our systems.
Working smarter through technology

Then we began producing cleaning equipment to improve on the levels of cleanliness achieved by our own cleaning crews. Our engineering department produced Tub, Crate & Cutting board Washers, Evisceration and Landing Table CIP Systems for many of Australia’s abattoirs and upgrades to CIP systems on Ovens, Fryers, Bucket elevators, Belt and Spiral Freezers.

Testing = real world cleaning improvements

An example of our engineering department receiving real-world testing feedback is our SRT mobile cleaning trolley. This unit has constantly been undergoing continuous improvement cycles, to make it a smarter platform with an on-board PLC that monitors No-Water input faults, output pressure, oil pressure faults and water flow for asset protection and long platform life. It is stronger, lighter, easier to move with the ability to run up to 850C. Our continuous improvement allows you to clean faster, anywhere in the plant, inside or outside.

Because we use them every day ourselves, we can ensure that your machine will work effectively for all the jobs that we say it will do. Your trolley will wash, foam, do drain cleaning and unblocking, clean glycol units & floors just to name a few things. A trolley will typically replace a cleaner in many cleaning applications.

About Euro Pumps

Real, Hands on experience

Cleaning is not simply cleaning; it involves many departments with many people all working together to produce the right outcome. Euro Pumps 20 years’ experience in cleaning food processing facilities and having developed what we believe is the most water, time, and chemical efficient cleaning program available. Our experience allows us to assess, evaluate, scrutinise, and identify areas of process improvement across all aspects of a cleaning program. We look forward to being able to pass on our knowledge and efficient processes to you plant.