Euro Pumps Food Plant Cleaning Specialists​

More than 20 years ago Euro Pumps started, and we continue to carry out food cleaning contracts today.  These years of hands-on cleaning experience in the challenging abattoir, small goods, RTE meals, bakery,  cold room and food-preparation environments has equipped us to deal with even the toughest jobs.

Our experience and quality systems will ensure that we reliably achieve all HACCP, AQIS Export, Safefood (QLD), US Army and AUSTRALIAN Standards, critical audit and QA compliance

Hygiene In-sourcing

Your Staff, We Train, Manage, & Report

Brining you cleaning in house.

Hygiene In-sourcing lets your company employ all of the cleaning staff directly and provides all the necessary cleaning equipment, chemicals, protective clothing and consumables and Euro Pumps provide on-site training, supervisors and/or manager.

Pre-Audit Inspection

Ensuring audit and QA compliance

Expecting a critical audit?

Euro Pumps can survey your plant, provide you with a report on problem areas and / or manage and supplement you cleaning crew to ensure a quality outcome (depending on the size of your plant). Ask to see a report example.

Hygiene Training

Euro Pumps offers both on-line and in person world leading Hygiene Training. Our training content is available to anyone world-wide. We cover all skills needed by cleaning staff and and also offer site supervisor and manager training.


Offsite Crate Cleaning

Euro Pumps has it own facility to provide Off-Site Cleaning, of Bread Trays, Pans, Trays, Moulds, Totes, Lugs, Fish Boxes, Bins, Crates, Baskets, Buckets and Lids. Contact us and ask for an free cleaning trial and assessment.


On-Demand Cleaning

Euro Pumps provides a wide range of One-off & On-Demand Cleaning Services. Call us and ask how we can help you with , AQIS Audits, Drains Cleans, Chimney, Flue and Shute Cleaning, Freezers & Chiller Cleans and Loading Dock Cleans.


After fire cleaning

Euro Pumps Cleaning, has proven techniques for removal of smoke damage and soot stains from walls, roofs, bricks, concrete, colorbond and pavers. Then there’s the smoke smell.

Flood Clean Up

Euro Pumps Flood Clean Up help you recover from natural disasters fast. With 24/7 call out and support for emergencies, our flood damage restoration crew are on ready and waiting for your call.

Trauma & Crime Cleaning

After an act of violence there is often a need for forensic cleaning. Forensic cleaning restores the site to a safe and healthy condition.


Euro Pumps has 20 years of cleaning experience in the food processing industry, seedlings, dairy, fruit, vegetables & water treatment solutions.   Euro Pumps systems have proven performance, delivering results with all of our cleaning system and tools, which have been developed by years of first-hand experience both on the factory floor and as consultants.

Our blend of first-hand experience within the cleaning process, managing cleaning staff to deliver AQIS standards, achieving reliable 4hr cycles, Engineering, Teaching & University Education. These combined experiences are not common within the industry & we believe that this is what makes our equipment work. We understand how cleaning works & the results which are expected within the industry.